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Business Visa Lawyer In Bradenton FL

E2 (Treaty Investor) Visa

Business Visa Lawyer in BradentonOur business visa lawyer in Bradenton may recommend a popular visa which permits foreign investors and their employees to live and work in the United States is the E2 investor visa. Entrepreneurs may establish a new business or buy an existing business to qualify for this visa. Foreign companies may also send employees to the United States with an E visa.

In order to be eligible, the treaty investor must 1) have invested or is actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital in a bona fide enterprise in the United States; 2) is seeking entry solely to develop and direct the enterprise; and 3) intends to depart from the United States upon the termination of the visa. Spouses and children accompanying or following to join the investor are entitled to the same classification as the investor.

The E2 visa is highly technical. Before investing money, you should consult an experienced attorney. Call our office at 941-773-1523 to personally speak with Immigration Attorney, or contact him at Some of the questions he will be able to answer for you are: how much money has to be invested?, what type of business qualifies for an E2 visa?, what must the business plan show in order for you to be eligible for the visa?, and what role must you play in the business? Speak with Tom Goldman today, our business visa lawyer in Bradenton FL.